Dr. Mohammed Al-Olama 
Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons, I am delighted to invite you to the 7th Emirates International Neurosurgical Conference that will take place in Dubai, UAE on 12-14 December 2019.

We have the pleasure to announce that this year our society will host a meeting with the collaboration of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery; we are committed to offer them all our warmest welcome, following the tradition of hospitality that distinguishes the Arab world and Dubai in particular, a city universally known for its incredible capacity of offering unforgettable memories to all its visitors.

As in the past years, we are proud to bring to UAE well renowned experts in Neurosurgery that will share their expertise and ensure a productive scientific event. We have chosen “Teamwork in Neurosurgery” as conference theme for this year and we are strongly convinced that all participants will contribute to the success of the event, sharing their know-how and integrating their experience in a lively and useful exchange.

The conference is CME accredited and we encourage the submissions of abstracts, that will be reviewed by our scientific committee, included in the program and thus empower its scientific value.

A commercial exhibition where companies will showcase their latest products and services will also be present.

We look forward to your participation and we are sure that together we will achieve another successful event.


Dr. Debora Garozzo
Vice President
Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons

Dear Colleagues,

As vice president of the Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons, it is my pleasure and honor to join Dr Mohamed Al Olama in inviting you to the 7th Conference of our society.

“Teamwork in Neurosurgery” has been chosen as the conference theme for this year and we aim to create a common platform that will facilitate the exchange of information among the attendees, enabling them to share their experience and eventually contributing to empower their expertise and professional skills.

The congress will be hosted in Dubai , that is known to be one of the most attractive touristic destinations around the world. This is not surprising; this city is a fascinating blend of tradition and modernity, the unique place where the past meets the future and where hospitality is promoted to the state of art. Tolerance and integration of cultures are one of the distinguished features that contribute to render Dubai the incredible location it has become.

Following the spirit of Dubai, the Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons is committed to encourage the diffusion and exchange of scientific knowledge, establishing or strenghting its relationships with the societies of other countries. This conference represents a clear example of our efforts to serve this purpose. We are honored to announce that this annual conference will be organized with the collaboration and support of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery; as an Italian expat relocated in UAE, I look forward to welcoming its members here in Dubai, the city that has become my new ‘home”.

Based on these premises, we are sure that the conference will be engrained in everybody’s memory as an unforgettable experience.

Welcome to Dubai!

Benvenuti a Dubai!

Marco Cenzato

Prof. Marco Cenzato
Italian Neurosurgical Society

It is a real honor to have the chance of introducing a joint collaboration between the Italian Neurosurgical Society and the Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons.

I am very involved about the topic of this congress. Ours is a discipline that interfaces with many other disciplines, some more strictly surgical such as orthopedic, maxillofacial, otorinilaringoiatri and others less, like endovascular, radiosurgery, radiotherapists. Personally I find that overcome our borders and working in teams with colleagues from other disciplines is not only enjoyable, but extremely enriching. Widening the horizons is one of the main stimuli of our profession. In the same way, a joint meeting between our Societies allows us to expand our points of view. We do a beautiful job in which high intensity emotions are involved, despite the image of the cold minded surgeon, many of us love the emotional aspect of this job: the human side with the patient, but also by the surgical procedure itself either in the bad, but very much also in the good, and the contact with the young generation that want to learn. Finally along with emotions, curiosity is what keeps us going. We like to discover new way of solving problems, we like to play with new tools that helps us because at the end our job is to solve challenging problems. Ours is a profession that relies heavily on technology and the availability of the latter from economic resources. In Italy they are scarce, while here they seem not to have strong limitations. The availability of resources of the Emirates allows you to face our profession with probably different points of view and for this reason we are excited to hold this meeting together. Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons is very active, and have already organized several extremely interesting events. Moreover the fact that the vice-president of the Emirates Society is Italian makes us very proud.


Prof. Franco Servadei

Dear Colleagues,

I have the great pleasure, as President of the WFNS and Past President of the SINch , The Italian Neurosurgical Society, , to express my  appreciation for the 7th annual conference of Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons (ESNS), to be held in Dubai on 12-14 December 2019 in collaboration with the Italian Society of Neurosurgery (SINch).

The ESNS is certainly a young society yet it undoubtedly seems very motivated in promoting the diffusion of Neurosurgery in the region and in pioneering a new approach in the relationships with other countries. Hence I would like to congratulate Mohammed Al-Olama and Debora Garozzo for their initiative, as they are trying to set up an event that is focused to establish a new synergy between UAE and Italy.

I am also pleased to highlight the effort to cultivate a neurosurgical subspecialty that is often unfairly neglected; thus I would like to thank the organizers of a course on peripheral nerve surgery that tries to provide a sound knowledge of this branch

Knowing well Dubai and its tradition of hospitality, I am also sure that the attendees in this meeting will be given the possibility to experience the full flavor of this fascinating metropolis.

All in all, I am sure that this conference will be an outstanding scientific and networking event!


Prof. Francesco Tomasello
Honorary President

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

It is a great privilege for me to address my highest appreciation for the collaboration of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery (SINch) and the Emirates Society of Neurological Surgeons (ESNS) to be held in Dubai on 12-14 December 2019.

First of all, I would like to congratulate Drs. Mohammed Al-Olama and Debora Garozzo for their exciting initiative and the President, Marco Cenzato, and AC of Italian Society of Neurosurgery (SINch), for their decision to share this Meeting which represents absolutely the first experience in the history of both Societies.  The Emirates Society is characterized by a great inspiration for the growth of Neurosurgery and by a noteworthy capacity to face ambitious challenges for an outstanding future.

According to my personal experience, there are several conditions that favor the ESNS in achieving successful goals. United Arab Emirates is a key area for the relationships between more continents, Asia, Africa and Middle-East. They welcome millions of people with different cultural, religious and social background who live and work together safely and peacefully. Dubai is hugely flourishing and will host many events, including the Expo next year. Furthermore, thanks to its history and its network of connections, it is an ideal site to meet global Neurosurgery.

The Italian Society of Neurosurgery, founded 71 years ago, will contribute its long lasting tradition and its growing development. The Italian representatives will meet in Dubai a top level scientific environment and colleagues of Emirates eager to strengthen their relationships and to share their knowledge and skill.

Finally, I am sure that that everyone will enjoy in Dubai a great hospitality, many attractions and once again its culture and landscape.